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Elections 2020

According to the constitution of the EMS the current Executive Board shall present a balanced proposal of candidates to constitute the next Executive Board, which will take office for a period of 4 years starting immediately after the General Assembly of EMC2020. The Board will have to ensure that the proposed candidates represent countries across Europe and different disciplines in microscopy from Material, Life Sciences and Instrumentation areas. The Board shall consist of no more than 14 members. The new Executive Board will be elected at the EMS General Assembly on Thursday August 27, 2020, organised by videoconference due the extraordinary situation of this year.

After consulting different individual and society members, the Executive Board compiled the following list of candidates, including selected duties:

  • President: José Maria Valpuesta (Madrid, Spain)
  • Secretary: Virginie Serin (Toulouse, France)
  • Treasurer: Christian Schöfer (Vienna, Austria)
  • Members: Randi Holmestad (Trondheim, Norway), Agnes Kittel (Budapest, Hungary), Igor Weber (Zagreb, Croatia), Cristiano Albonetti (Bologna, Italy), Lucy Collinson (London, UK), Saso Sturm (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Servet Turan (Eskişehir, Turkey).

The following people will be ex-officio members of the Executive Board:

  • Past-president: Josef Zweck (Regensburg, Germany)
  • Chair EMC2024: Klaus Qvortrup (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • ECMA representative: Kornelia Weidemann (Thermofisher, Germany).

The proposed Board would be composed of 6 representatives from Life Sciences (LS) and 6 representatives from Materials Science (MS).

Information on the candidates are available on this page.

We urge all EMS members to consult this information and to join us during the General Assembly.


Josef Zweck
EMS President

Virginie Serin
EMS Secretary



José María Valpuesta (Madrid, Spain)

New Board Members:

Lucy Collinson (London, UK)

Sašo Šturm (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Servet Turan (Eskişehir, Turkey)



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