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The European Microscopy Society is composed of individual members and corporate members. Any microscopist, whether or not a member of a national society for microscopy in Europe, is eligible for membership of the European Microscopy Society. Any company producing and/or selling products used in the field of microscopy, can become a corporate member. More information on how to become commercial EMS member can be found here.

Individual membership fee

Membership to EMS is usually managed through membership to European national or regional societies. The fee for the annual EMS membership is Euro 7.

Most societies automatically provide EMS membership to their members where the EMS fee is added to their fees (en-bloc membership). With some societies the EMS membership needs to be actively chosen. If unsure, EMS membership status can be checked by contacting the respective national or regional society. Alternatively, a request can be sent to the EMS secretary.

Colleagues who are not members of a national or regional European society are welcome as EMS Individual members. The annual EMS individual membership fee is Euro 25.

Membership benefits


  • have a vote in the General Assembly
  • receive substantial reductions at meetings (co)-organised by EMS, such as the EMS-extensions and the EMC series
  • are eligible for EMS scholarships
  • are eligible to receive support when organising local workshops
  • receive the EMS yearbook
  • receive the EMS newsletter electronically (if wanted, i.e. can be refused)
  • receive the journal Imaging & Microscopy, GIT Verlag, Wiley (if wanted, i.e. can be refused)
  • receive EMS microscopy related announcements (if wanted, i.e. can be refused)
  • etc

Membership info / Privacy notes

The EMS membership database is used by the EMS secretary to distribute the electronic version of the newsletter, to announce any relevant issue such as microscopy related events to the EMS members and to publish its membership database in the yearbook. The database is further available to the ECMA members who have agreed to use this list only for their microscopy related announcements and to never distribute or sell this list. Individual members can always request to be removed from the distributed list in the database or not to receive any bulk electronic information. In order to do so, please edit your profile on the website.

General Assembly

The EMS General Assembly is organized during EMC congresses, EMS Extension meetings or other international meetings. Agenda, minutes and other documents can be found at the page on the decision taking processes of the Society.

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