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  • Telight

    Webinar: Super-resolution systems focused on biological imaging

    The advent of super-resolution microscopy techniques and technology has brought about a revolution for researchers in the life sciences to be able to visualize previously unseen structures. In this educational webinar, we will review the various types of super-resolution techniques and systems available on the market. We will cover the benefits and limitations of these systems as they relate to biological users with a particular focus on imaging live cells. This webinar is for any researcher who would like to improve their understanding of super-resolution microscopy to advance their research. Register here.

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  • Yearbook

    SVI Huygens

    Our Huygens Software is developed with the firm belief that reliable image processing is key in understanding the true nature of microscopic objects. For more than 25 years, we collaborate with expert microscopists around the globe to promote best imaging practices, and to further improve the user-friendliness and quality of our light microscopy software. Together with our extensive online documentation and high level of personal support we strive towards the highest standards of scientific quality.

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