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  • Huygens Virtual Workshop for Imaging Experts

    16 and 17 April 2024

    As a microscopist and/or facility member, you are aware of imaging pitfalls and the need to fix them with the purpose of staying true to the real object. To reach this goal and teach this to your users, it is crucial to select the right image processing tools, and to use them in the correct order and manner. During this virtual workshop, we will discuss pitfalls in image acquisition and issues that are typically found when using certain imaging modalities. Furthermore, we will show newly acquired data that proves that the "Pyramid of Frustration" can be enlarged - even with noisy data. Deconvolution is explained by our experts, and the brand-new Huygens Image Quality Control tool is demonstrated. Hands-on sessions focus on using imaging pipelines, command line interfaces (Python), and various image restoration and analysis options. Different Huygens solutions tailored to individual users, research groups, and imaging facilities will be presented, and we'll discuss with you how we can share educational material, and contribute to trainings on-site.

  • NANO IN BIO 2024

    14 to 20 April 2024
    Guadeloupe – France

    NANOinBIO international conferences are organized by an international committee of academics and researchers, and work on a not-for-profit basis. The goal of the meeting is to foster scientific exchanges, but also informal discussion and networking. To achieve this goal, the conference is spread over 5 consecutive days in quiet but beautiful location: “La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa” in the village of Le Gosier, Guadeloupe (French Caribbean). All participants encouraged to stay on-site for the full duration of the meeting, thereby also sharing meals and leisure time. In 2024, a spring school on the topic of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) in bio-systems will run immediately before the conference at the same location. NANOinBIO is organized in conjunction with the local University (University of French West Indies, Pole Guadeloupe) and French government to encourage and support local research developments and early career scientists.

  • AFM & SPM Meeting 2024

    25 to 28 March 2024
    United Kingdom

  • EPMA workshop

    25 to 28 March 2024

  • Cryosectioning and Immuno-Electron Microscopy

    11 to 15 March 2024
    Utrecht – Netherlands

  • BIST Symposium on Microscopy, Nanoscopy and Imaging Science 2024

    10 March 2024
    ICFO - Auditorium – Barcelona

  • Resin Electron Microscopy

    05 to 08 March 2024
    Utrecht – Netherlands

  • Electron Microscopy Spring School 2024

    03 to 06 March 2024
    Berlin – Germany

  • Virtual Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Course

    26 to 29 February 2024
    virtual course – United Kingdom

    This course will run over four half-days from Monday 26 February to Thursday 29 February 2024, plus one optional additional Clinical Module on Monday 4 March 2023.  The course will cover the basics of analysis for a number of different applications including antibody phenotyping, DNA and cell cycle kinetics, cell proliferation and death, and functional studies. There will also be the opportunity to explore high-dimensional analysis using dimensionality reduction and clustering techniques.

  • Molecular Diagnostics Training School (MDTS) & Digital Pathology and Image Analysis Training School (DP&IATS)

    25 to 28 February 2024
    Vienna – Austria

  • Molecular Diagnostics Training School (MDTS) & Digital Pathology and Image Analysis Training School (DP&IATS)

    25 to 28 February 2024
    Vienna – Austria

  • European EELS & EFTEM School

    13 to 16 February 2024
    FELMI-ZFE, Graz University of Technology – Graz – Austria

  • Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy

    28 January to 02 February 2024
    Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco, Lucca – Tuscany – Italy

  • Winter School 2024 - Practical course in advanced microscopy

    22 to 26 January 2024
    University of Zurich Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis – Zurich – Switzerland

  • Workshops Introduction to ImageJ/Fiji and Writing macros in ImageJ

    11 and 12 December 2023
    College Court – Leicester – United Kingdom

  • Interfacing Biophysics and Physical Science Microscopy

    11 December 2023
    Institute of Physics – London – United Kingdom

  • Virtual European Flow Core Meeting 2023

    04 and 05 December 2023

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy in Life Sciences

    20 to 24 November 2023
    Prague – Czech Republic

    The course is aimed at beginners and intermediate users of transmission electron microscopes. The course is organized by the Institute of Molecular Genetics ASCR and Czech-BioImaging research infrastructure in collaboration with Jeol and Leica companies. After the course, participants will understand the principles of construction and function of transmission electron microscopes and will receive the extensive practice during hands-on sessions on transmission electron microscopes of varying complexity. Overview of sample preparation methods with demo, and demonstration of cryoTEM method is a part of the course, as well.

  • The flowcytometryUK 2023 Meeting

    16 November 2023
    Cambridge – United Kingdom

  • 16th International Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis

    27 to 30 October 2023
    Xi'an City – China

  • 5th Conference of the Romanian Electron Microscopy Society - C.R.E.M.S.

    18 to 25 October 2023
    GRAND HOTEL NAPOCA – Cluj-Napoca – Romania

  • EBSN - 2023

    11 to 13 October 2023
    University of Antwerp – Antwerp – Belgium

    The research area of nanophotonics, the study of light at the nanoscale, has experienced a dramatic growth in recent years. To further advance this field, it is essential to develop novel characterization techniques that are able to generate, probe and control light at length scales far below the diffraction limit of light, at a broad energy range, and at femtosecond time scales. Recently, electron-beam spectroscopies have emerged as powerful probes in nanophotonics research, fueled by the advent of improved microscopes and the exploration of brand-new techniques.

    Fifth International Workshop on Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanophotonics

  • All Things Cryo 2023

    09 to 13 October 2023
    University of Nottingham – Nottingham – United Kingdom

    This course consists of two and half days, broken into a morning and afternoon virtual lecture sessions, covering the theory of the techniques.

  • Microscopy at the Frontiers of Science 2023 (MFS2023)

    27 to 29 September 2023
    International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory – Braga – Portugal

    MFS2023 is an international event focused on electron microscopy and its impact on life sciences, material sciences and structural biology. The conference will be held in conjunction with the MultEMplex COST Innovators Grant Meeting.  More information, registration and the call for abstracts can be found at


  • Microscopy at the Frontiers of Science (MFS)2023

    27 September and 29 July 2023
    Braga – Portugal

  • Opening Symposium Core Facility for Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Charité

    15 September 2023
    Universitätsmedizin Berlin at Max Delbrück Center – Berlin – Germany

  • The 20th International Microscopy Congress

    10 to 15 September 2023
    BEXCO – Busan – Republic of Korea

    On behalf of the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM), it is my pleasure to introduce the 20th International Microscopy Congress (IMC20), to be held in September 2022, in the stunning Convention and Exhibition Centre in Busan. IMC is the Olympics of microscopy; held every four years and attracting delegates from across the globe. The program will include world-renowned plenary speakers alongside an extensive trade exhibition where leading suppliers launch ground-breaking new instruments.

    It is a particular pleasure to introduce the Korean Society of Microscopy (KSM) as the host for IMC20 which will be held in Korea for the first time. A tradition of IMC events has been a vibrant social calendar and delegates will have ample opportunity to enjoy fabulous Korean food and to explore historical and cultural attractions in the Busan area. I look forward to warmly welcoming you and your family to Korea in 2023.

  • Adhesion and migration in disease: mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities

    05 to 08 September 2023
    Warwick – United Kingdom

    This meeting provides an exciting opportunity to present and discuss emerging concepts in adhesion and migration research, and routes to translating findings into diagnostic tools and therapies for a broad range of diseases. We encourage participants from all disciplines with an interest in the field from both academia and industry to attend. There will be opportunities for earlier career scientists to present their research and interact closely with world leaders in this field.

  • CMD 30-Fismat

    04 to 08 September 2023
    Milano – Italy

    Electron microscopies (EM) are demonstrating more and more impressive insight into condensed matter physics. This  minicolloquium will share the most advanced applications and perspectives across the electron microscopy community.
    Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) boasts sub-atomic lateral resolution combined with spectroscopic selectivity down to meV range and ultrafast time resolution, into the attosecond range, making it one of the most complete microscopic tools for the investigation of carefully prepared thin samples. The introduction of focused ion beams (FIB) dramatically increased the range of application of TEM. Further advances include gaining control on the angular momentum of primary electrons and acquiring in operando capabilities to address real world phenomena. Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) is still mostly devoted to imaging applications on bulk systems, featuring tunable depth sensitivity and the ability of rapidly switching from large fields of view down to nanoscale lateral resolution. Analytical spectroscopic tools like X-Ray fluorescence and cathodoluminescence provide elemental
    concentration, chemical and electronic structure bulk properties, where the lateral resolution and energy selectivity are a few orders of magnitude larger than in TEM. The advent of low voltage SEM, low energy EM (LEEM) and controlled environments pave the way to still more pioneering developments towards highly surface sensitive, energy and time selective analytical capabilities. Local insights into the electronic structure of condensed matter were demonstrated [9]. The surface sensitivity of the SEM probe would make a very fruitful match with the already demonstrated capabilities of TEMs for bulk properties, with the further possibility of implementing in operando non-destructive studies. Ab-initio numerical modeling plays an increasingly crucial role to fully exploit EM.
    Abstract for oral and poster contribution can be submitted at within the DEADLINE of April, 15th, 2023. You will have to select the mini-colloquium in the second submission page.

    Conference fees:
    - Early bird until July 16th: 350 €
    - Late registration from July 17 to September 3rd: 400 €
    - On site registration: 450 €
    Reduced fee for young scientist born in 1993 and successive years.
    - Early bird until July 16th: 200 €
    - Late registration from July 17 to September 3rd: 250 €

    We hope to welcome you on site next September,

    Alberto Tagliaferri (Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy),
    Jacob Hoogenboom (TUDelft, Delft, The Netherlands),
    Filip Mika (ISI CAS, v.v.i., BRNO, Czech Republic),
    Silvia Pietralunga (CNR-IFN, Milano, Italy)

  • CMD 30 FisMat mini-colloquium:

    04 August 2023
    Milano – Italy

  • TEM-UCA Workshop

    17 to 21 July 2023
    Puerto Real

  • First volume EM Gordon Research Conference

    16 to 21 July 2023
    Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express – Ventura, California – United States Minor Outlying Islands

     The meeting will highlight the latest technical and research developments in the vEM field. It will build on recent successes, with vEM being named as one of the 7 technologies to watch for 2023 in Nature and support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to further build the vEM community.


  • Getting the most from your Confocal Course, 12 – 13 July 2023

    12 and 13 July 2023
    York – United Kingdom

    This two day annual confocal course utilises many different sample types and fluorescent probes (DNA stains, classic antibody labels and fluorescent proteins) which are chosen to best demonstrate particular problems and techniques. Focus is always on the techniques they enable and the problems they generate, which will be applicable to any sample types. The two days consist of short tutorials followed by hands-on practice.
    Day 1 takes participants through the basic principles of confocal microscopy and then trains them, through hands-on practice, how to configure and image multicolour, multidimensional samples using a confocal microscope.
    Day 2 builds on the experience of Day 1 and enables participants to try FRAP and spectral profiling.

  • Light Microscopy Summer School, 10 – 11 July 2023

    10 and 11 July 2023
    York – United Kingdom

    The Light Microscopy Summer School is a two day course held at the University of York covering the principles of light microscopy. Participants are also trained in practical issues surrounding light microscopy. After introductory presentations, the course is taught predominantly through hands-on practical sessions. The course is suitable for both novices and more experienced users wanting to gain a greater understanding of the microscope and feedback every year is always fantastic. Students usually come from a range of backgrounds, within both research and commercial organisations. All benefited greatly from the Course and left with increased understanding and skills.

  • Super-resolution Workshop 2023

    07 July 2023
    Leeds – United Kingdom

  • MMC 2023

    03 to 06 July 2023
    Manchester – United Kingdom

    Make sure your 2023 diary includes mmc2023 which is returning to Manchester from 3-6 July. As with the previous events, you can expect a huge and varied scientific conference alongside Europe's largest free microscopy and imaging exhibition filled with a huge number of free training workshops.

  • 7th Microscopy Characterisation of Organic-Inorganic Interfaces Conference

    27 and 28 June 2023
    Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy – Hamilton – Canada

    The 7th Microscopy Characterisation of Organic-Inorganic Interfaces (MCOII) meeting will return to an in-person format in 2023 and will be hosted for the first time in North America at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, home of the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy.

    The transatlantic scientific organizing team of Nadja V. Tarakina (MPIKG, Germany) and Kathryn Grandfield (McMaster University, Canada) have put together an exciting two-day programme. As usual, the first day will be more general, covering a broad range of microscopy approaches (correlative microscopy solutions, in-situ liquid microscopy methods, low-voltage electron microscopy and many more) in the context of imaging hybrid and soft matter.

    On the second day, a special Focus Lecture Series, entitled “Multi-dimensional and multiscale microscopy of organic-inorganic interface” will cover a more-detailed range of lectures on tomographic methods spanning light, X-ray and electron microscopy, as well as atom probe tomography and in situ electron microscopy/tomography.

    This conference will bring together world-leading experts in microscopy, highlighting the latest achievements, new opportunities and outstanding challenges in probing beam-sensitive and hybrid materials and their interfaces.

  • 27th Wilhelm Bernard Workshop on the Cell Nucleus

    19 to 23 June 2023
    Prague – Czech Republic

    The purpose of the 5-day workshop is to create a multidisciplinary meeting representing various research approaches most used in studies on the cell nucleus structure, functions, and relationships and contribute to our understanding of genome functioning, cancer development, diagnostics and cure.

    The main part of the WBW consists of the following sessions:

    • Nuclear Compartments and Gene Expression
    • Nuclear Lipids and Phase Separation in Health and Disease (organized as a workshop of the COST Action 19105)
    • DNA Replication, Repair, Disease
    • Novel Methods in Nuclear Research and Diagnostics
    • Pathogenesis and Cancer (organized as a Symposium of the Society for Histochemistry)

    Oral lectures will be complemented by a Poster session and ceremonies to award the Wilhelm Bernhard Medal and a Young Researcher Award.

  • SCANDEM conference June 2023

    12 to 15 June 2023
    Uppsala Ångström Laboratory – Uppsala – Sweden


  • 8th Meeting of the International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies

    11 to 16 June 2023
    Banff – Canada

  • EUFN FIB Workshop

    07 to 09 June 2023
    Zürich – Switzerland

  • 22nd International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting

    06 to 09 June 2023

  • Frontiers of in-situ materials characterization - from new instrumentation and methods to imaging aided materials design

    29 May to 02 June 2023
    Congress & Exhibition center – Strasbourg – France

  • ISM2023 - The 56th Annual Meeting of the Israel Society for Microscopy

    22 and 23 May 2023
    Binyanei Hauma - International Convention Center – Jerusalem – Israel

    The 56th Annual Meeting of the Israel Society for Microscopy will be held on Tuesday May 23rd, 2023 at the Binyanei Hauma - International Convention Center, Jerusalem. 
    The meeting will be preceded by a one day tutorial workshop on Monday May 22nd, 2023 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Open, reproducible hardware for microscopy. Theo Murphy meeting

    22 and 23 May 2023
    Glasgow – United Kingdom

  • BIST Symposium on Microscopy, Nanoscopy and Imaging Science 2023

    20 May 2023
    ICFO - Auditorium – Barcelona – Spain

  • Journal of Cell Science 2023 Meeting on Imaging Cell Dynamics

    14 to 17 May 2023
    Lisbon – Portugal

  • Contrast Mechanisms in S(T)EM and SEM/EBSD

    08 and 09 May 2023
    Kraków – Poland

  • EMAS 2023 - 17th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis

    07 to 11 May 2023
    Krakow – Poland

  • 17th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis

    07 to 11 May 2023
    Jagiellonian University – Krakow – Poland

    The primary aim of this series of Workshops is to assess the state-of-the-art and reliability of microbeam analysis techniques.

    The Workshops are organised in such a way as to maximise transfer of knowledge among the participants and to provide a comprehensive exhibition of the latest analytical equipment.   The programme includes time and opportunities for participants to visit the technical exhibitions and interact with the manufacturers.

    Previous Workshops in this series were held in Antwerp (1989), Dubrovnik (1991), Rimini (1993), St. Malo (1995), Torquay (1997), Konstanz (1999), Tampere (2001), Chiclana de la Frontera (2003), Florence (2005), Antwerp (2007), Gdansk (2009), Angers (2011), Porto (2013), Portorož (2015), Konstanz (2017), and Trondheim (2019).  They included sessions covering electron (EPMA, TEM, SEM, Auger, EELS), ion (SIMS, FIB), and nuclear (RBS, NRA) microbeam methods.

    The main topics of the Seventeenth Workshop (EMAS 2023) are: electron probe microanalysis (EPMA); electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD); software tools; focussed ion beam; Combined techniques in SEM; and materials applications of microbeam analysis.  Time will also be devoted to problem orientated applications in material science, geological science, environmental studies, astrophysics, microelectronics, forensics, cultural heritage and archaeology, nanomaterials, surfaces and interfaces, catalysts, sensors, …

    Organised by: The European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS)

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