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Special activities

Free DigitalMicrograph plugins: new web-sourse for DigitalMicrograph plugins. These plugins are free and aimed for a general DM user:

elmiX ­ a Linux Live system for electron microscopy data analysis and education

elmiX is a community developed, GNU/Linux based live system for electron microscopy data analysis and education. The elmiX system runs on PCs with Intel compatible CPUs (Pentium II and later) and can be launched either from DVD or an USB memory stick.

The elmiX software collection contains at present about 20 preinstalled programs for analyzing or simulating electron microscopy images, electron diffraction patterns, EDX and EEL spectra. The most important improvement compared to the previous version is however, the ability to save prepared reports and data or system settings on a memory stick and/or local hard drives for use in later sessions.
elmiX is free of charge and can be downloaded from our web-site at

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Sample Preparation Guide

Jeanne Ayache, Luc Beaunier, Jacqueline Boumendil, Gabrielle Ehret and Danièle Laub

Sample preparation is of central importance for the characterization of materials by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). As a guide to researchers seeking practical and up-to-date information on TEM sample preparation, we have created the internet website

This website is dedicated to TEM sample preparation in Materials Science, Earth Science and Biology. Designed in French and now translated into English, this website is accessible free of charge.

The site contains an interactive educational guide comprising a database of materials that provides an automated guide to the choice of the most suitable TEM sample preparation technique based on materials properties and type of analysis. At present, the guide covers 36 sample preparation techniques with important information on the basic principle, materials, procedure, artefacts, advantages, drawbacks, as well as the specific equipment required for each technique. It has been designed to include new techniques as they are being developed.

The website also contains a database with images of different types of materials and of artefact produced by sample preparation techniques. This image database has been designed to be interactive and will be augmented by new images of various materials from the user community.

In addition, the site maintains a calendar of events with announcements of workshops, meeting dates, special events on TEM and sample preparation techniques, and general TEM news.

Books on TEM sample preparation: methodology and techniques

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