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EMS patronaged events

EMS patronage

Upon general request EMS has established the concept of patronage of scientific events. Upon request of the organizers, the Board of EMS can grant patronage to a certain event under the strict conditions that

  • the event is scientifically sound
  • the event has an internationally recognised scientific advisory board (ISAB) or organisation committee (OC)
  • at least 50% of the invited speakers are from outside the organizing countries
  • the official event language is English (no other languages are permitted in any of the official scientific or technical presentations)
  • students receive a discount on the registration fee

Moreover, the organizers should write a clear statement as to why they feel their event merits EMS patronage .

In general, there will be no financial contribution from EMS.

The EMS patronage will be announced in all communications by the event and on the event website, including a link to the EMS website. The following phrase will be used:

"Based on the scientific quality, educational merits, international dimension, and student support of the present event, EMS has granted patronage over "title of event".

The following events have received EMS patronage:

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