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Concept, constitution & fees


In order to give the industrial partners in microscopy a voice within the EMS and to improve the communication and interaction between EMS and its corporate members, the corporate members of EMS are organized in a European Corporate Member Assembly  (ECMA),  Cf. EMS Bylaws (EMS constitution). The corporate members of EMS elect a representative to be a voting member of the EMS executive board.

Companies or local company branches that are member of local or national societies that follow the en-bloc membership system of EMS are not automatically member of ECMA. ECMA membership should be considered as a complementary tool to support European microscopy and increase the visibility of your company on the European microscopy market. Direct benefits of ECMA membership will be found in areas that are related with inter- and supranational items such as EMC meetings and EMS extensions, job offers, membership database, yearbook, etc. Commercial membership of local societies has its own specific merits and should remain a top-priority on the PR list of any microscopy related company.

The Statutes of the European Corporate Microscopy Assembly have been ratified on August 24, 2004 by the General Assembly of the European Corporate Microscopy Assembly. The present version of the constitution is available as pdf download.

Annual ECMA membership fees and benefits are given below.

If you are interested in becoming a member of EMS through ECMA, and thus support the European microscopy and enjoy the benefits related to this membership, please contact the ECMA representative Kornelia Weidemann, or Virginie Serin, secretary of EMS, for more details on how to proceed or complete the ECMA subscription form and send it to: .The updated list of present ECMA  members is also given on a separate page.

EMC series and EMS extensions


ECMA membership fees are possible in the following four categories:

Platinum minimum 1.000 €
Gold 500 €
Silver 250 €
Bronze 100 €

allowing each company to define its own level of contribution and support to the European Microscopy Society.

Member Access
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