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  • Symposium : Advanced Nanoscale Characterization of Materials and Processes

    06 to 10 June 2022
    Sevilla – Spain

    Will be held at the NANO 2022 - 16th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials.

  • Cryo Electron Microscopy Course

    06 to 10 June 2022
    Rothamsed Research – Harpenden – United Kingdom

    The popular Cryo Electron Microscopy course will return for 2022, with additional new content not included previously.  Covering both theoretical and practical aspects of sample preparation and cryo EM techniques, this residential course is ideal for anyone new to cryo EM, but can also be attended by those wanting to refresh their existing skills.

  • COURSE: Resin Electron Microscopy

    08 to 10 June 2022
    Utrecht – Netherlands

    The 3 day workshop on resin electron microscopy (EM), in which the entire EM procedure from (live) specimen to imaging stained ultrathin resin sections will be covered from start to finish.
    Registration deadline : May 20th 2022

  • EBEAM2022: school on nanooptics with free electrons 2022

    11 June 2022
    Porquerolles – France

    Electron optics and spectroscopy instrumentation developments in the last 20 years have considerably widened the range of applicability of electron beam techniques to nano-optics: meV beam energy spread, single atoms imaging capabilities, electron wavefunction shaping, fs pump probe experiments, and efficient light coupling to and from samples are a reality. This has enabled the study of a variety of excitations (plasmons, phonons, excitons...) at extreme spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions. Therefore, new theories have blossomed to explain exciting results coming from electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS), cathodoluminescence (CL) and photon induced near-filed electron microscopy (PINEM), and central concepts of nanooptics or quantum optics have been shown to be applicable to electron-based spectroscopies.

    For this reason, it is high time for a school aiming at spreading knowledge about these new concepts and techniques and at fomenting the interest of a new generation of academics in this blooming field. That is the object of the eBEAM school focused on electron spectroscopies for nano-optics.

    Courses will cover: the basics of electron instrumentation and spectroscopies;  electron-matter-light interaction; electron spectroscopies of optical material; time, space, and quantum coherence in electron spectroscopy; advanced EELS and CL; photoemission etc.

  • Course: Cryosectioning and Immuno-electron microscopy

    13 to 16 June 2022
    Utrecht – Netherlands

    The 4 day workshop on Cryo-sectioning and Immuno- Electron Microscopy (EM) is meant for people willing to learn cryo-sectioning and Tokuyasu Technique for immune-EM. Experience in resin sectioning is not necessary, but is definitely an advantage. This workshop is hands-on in nature, although some topics will be also covered with lectures. The entire EM procedure from (live) specimen to imaging immuno-labeled ultrathin sections will be covered from start to finish. You will have the chance to use most of the workshop time in the lab working with standard specimens like cultured cells or tissues. Besides managing the ultra-cryo-microtome, the preparation of EM tools and other necessities will be covered.

    We provide an excellent learning environment. When manual skills like ultrathin sectioning of resin blocks are being trained the participants will have their own ultra-cryo-microtome (often equipped with a camera) to practice on. The number of participants is limited to 12 people. We will provide you with a practical manual and detailed protocols covering the topics of the workshop.

  • FIT4NANO* *FIB summer school

    20 to 24 June 2022
    Brno – Czech Republic

    The *FIT4NANO* *FIB summer school *is being organized by the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ISI) and CEITEC Brno University of Technology (CEITEC BUT). The school will take place from 20-24 June in Brno, Czech Republic. Applications can be submitted until *12 May 2022* at 

    Successful candidates will receive a travel grant to cover their costs.

  • ESTEEM3 Worksop : Electron diffraction for solving engineering problems

    21 to 23 June 2022
    Trondheim – Norway

    A workshop on Electron diffraction for solving engineering problems will be organized at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, 21.-23. June 2022.

    This year’s workshop will focus on how we can use electron diffraction in TEM and SEM –how to deal with ‘real’ materials, the possibilities given by better cameras, and post processing and data analysis on how to get the most out of your results. In these three days’ workshop, invited experts and skilled educators in this field will address the essentials and the latest developments through lecture, computer exercise and hands-on practical sessions using the NORTEM infrastructure in Trondheim.

    Lectures will cover different qualitative and quantitative methods in electron diffraction and how it can be used for engineering problems.We start every morning with lectures.  In the afternoons, experiment demos on the TEMs and computer practices on data analysis will be given. We will teach how to use various open-source scientific python packages to analyze diffraction data. If (because of Covid) physical presence will be difficult, the workshop will be transferred to digital, with lectures and computer exercises.

    We invite PhD students, postdocs and researchers working with TEM and SEM in the physical sciences to participate!

    Confirmed invited speakers and course leaders

    Local staff (Håkon Wiik Ånes, Emil Frang Christiansen and Magnus Nord)  will participate in running computer exercises.

    Each day there will be lectures from 09 to 11, lunch and discussions from 11 to 13 and lab/computer exercises between 13 and 16.


    Register for the ESTEEM3 Workshop in Trondheim

    Participation is free, but you have to register before 1 June 2022.

    There will be a maximum of 24 participants in the afternoon practice sessions. In case of large interest, priority will be given to early career scientists active in the field.


    04 to 08 July 2022
    UFT, Tulln, Austria – Tulin – Austria

  • Frontiers in BioImaging 2022

    05 and 06 July 2022
    Edgbaston Park Hotel – Birningham – United Kingdom

    Frontiers in Bioimaging 2022 will focus on the latest developments in optical and electron microscopy as well as image analysis. Sessions will cover novel technical developments and applications of these microscopy-based approaches to key cell and molecular biology questions with an overarching aim to bring insights on how they participate in our understanding of human health and disease. We aim to provide an environment where early-careers and established researchers can meet and engage with a broad range of imaging approaches and to make valuable contacts with leading groups in the field.

    We will be accepting abstracts for both oral and poster contributions. This event will also have opportunities for companies to exhibit and sponsor.

  • Biennial EMAG Conference 2022

    05 to 07 July 2022
    Imperial College – London – United Kingdom

    EMAG 2022 is the biennial focused meeting of the EMAG group of the IOP and will be held at Imperial College London. During this meeting, we will also be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the EMAG annual IOP electron microscopy conference. This section of the event will be held at the Institute of Physics headquarters. The meeting will focus on multidimensional electron microscopy research. 

    Distinguished invited speakers will present recent advances in multidimensional electron microscopy research, alongside contributed oral presentations, flash talks and poster sessions. EMAG conferences are valued in particular for providing a platform for students to present their work, alongside more established researchers, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. A table-top trade exhibition will also be held for delegates to explore the latest advances in electron microscopy instrumentation and software.

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