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European Microscopy Foundation

In 2002 the board of the European Microscopy Society has investigated the possibility to obtain a legal status for the European Microscopy Society (EMS). This appeared practically impossible, due to the many different systems of law in Europe. However, according to Dutch law, it was possible to install a foundation which can handle all the financial and other interests of EMS. Accordingly, on September 19th, 2003, the European Microscopy Foundation (EMF) was founded and officially registered. *

All the financial matters of EMS are handled through the official bank account of EMF:

  • Collection of the annual contribution of the individual EMS members and societies that pay national society, with the help of the national societies.
  • Collection of the annual contribution of the corporate partners, with the help of ECMA.
  • Financial support of EMS activities: organisation of the European Microscopy Congress (EMC), European extensions, symposia, workshops, and scholarships.

Financing all the other activities of EMS (costs secretariat EMS, board meetings, travel costs, etc.).

The board of directors of EMF consists of three members, and is appointed by the board of directors of EMS. At present the Board consists of Josef Zweck (president), Virginie Serin (secretary) and Christian Schöfer (treasurer). Each year at least one meeting of the board is held, in which the board shall draw up a balance sheet and a statement of income and expenditure for the financial year that ended. These figures are also presented at the General Assembly of EMS. Regulations of EMF may not be contrary to the law, the Constitution and By-Laws of the European Microscopy Society.

* Official documentation of the registration and statutes of EMF ("Stichting European Microcopy Foundation, EMF", in English) are available on request at the secretariat of EMS.

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