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  • Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) Summer School

    15 to 20 July 2019
    Edinburgh – United Kingdom

    The ESRIC super-resolution summer school is a five-day residential course held in Edinburgh. The course is designed to give participants a thorough grounding in super-resolution microscopy in an informal and intimate setting. It brings together leading academics and the major suppliers of super-resolution microscopes to provide expertise and guidance in the theory, practise and analysis of structured illumination microscopy (SIM), stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED), AiryScan and single molecule localization microscopies (PALM, sptPALM and dSTORM).

  • Crick EM Symposium: Focus on Correlative Imaging Across Scale

    15 and 16 July 2019
    London – United Kingdom

  • Light Microscopy Summer School 2019

    14 to 17 July 2019
    University of York – York – United Kingdom

    The Light Microscopy summer school is an annual, residential three day course held at the University of York covering the principles of light microscopy. Participants are also trained in practical issues surrounding light microscopy. After introductory presentations, the course is taught predominantly through hands-on practical sessions.

    The course is suitable for both novices and more experienced users wanting to gain a greater understanding of the microscope and feedback every year is always fantastic. Students came from a range of backgrounds in 2018, within both research and commercial organisations. All benefited greatly from the Course and left with increased understanding and skills.

    The course is immediately followed by a two day hands-on Confocal Course - Getting the most from your Confocal.

  • EMBL Course: Super Resolution Microscopy

    08 to 13 July 2019
    Heidelberg – Germany

  • Electron Microscopy Summer School 2019

    07 to 12 July 2019
    University of Leeds – Leeds – United Kingdom

    The EM Summer School aims to provide a basic training in both the theory and practice of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The course covers imaging, diffraction and chemical microanalysis as well as the highly important area of sample preparation.

  • Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019 (MMC2019)

    01 to 04 July 2019
    Manchester Central – United Kingdom

  • Perspectives in Electron Microsopy

    21 June 2019
    Trento – Italy

  • 4th International Workshop on TEM Spectroscopy in Material Science

    17 to 19 June 2019
    Uppsala University – Sweden

    Are you curious about the recent progress in TEM spectroscopies, are you on expert level or learning a TEM spectroscopy technique, you are welcome to the 4th workshop on TEM spectroscopy in materials science that will be held on June 17th - 19th in Uppsala, Sweden.  The workshop will treat Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDX), Electron Energy-LossSpectroscopy (EELS) as well as their applications to nano and atomic scale studies in materials. The different topics will be introduced by our invited speakers (for list see workshop website) The workshop consists of two days of lectures and one day of laboratory courses that include imaging and spectroscopy at the atomic level.

  • EMAT Workshop on Transmission Electron Microscopy

    11 to 21 June 2019
    Antwerp – Belgium

    A complete training on HRTEM and TEM spectroscopy focused on hands-on experience. A state-of-the-art training in Transmission Electron Microscopy at the highest level is provided. Lectures will be given by staff members of the EMAT research group and special topics are covered by guest lecturers. The main focus of the workshop is to provide practical experience with a broad range of TEM instruments. We offer the choice between 3 different modules, “High resolution TEM” , “TEM Spectroscopy” and “In situ TEM”, preceded by a workshop on “Basic TEM”. Confirmed speakers: Sandra Van Aert (University of Antwerp, BE) Sara Bals (University of Antwerp, BE) Joost Batenburg (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, NL) Armand Béché (University of Antwerp, BE) Dirk van Dyck (University of Antwerp, BE) Rolf Erni (EMPA, CH) Marc De Graef (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) Werner Grogger (TU Graz, A) Thomas Hansen (Technical Univ. Denmark, DK) Marijn van Huis (University of Utrecht, NL) Hosni Idrissi (UC Louvain, BE) Joke Hadermann (University of Antwerp, BE) Knut Müller-Caspary (Forschungszentrum Jülich, DE) Gustaaf Van Tendeloo (University of Antwerp, BE) Jo Verbeeck (University of Antwerp, BE) Qiang Xu (DensSolutions)

  • IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy

    11 to 14 June 2019
    Venice – Italy

  • EMBO Practical Course: Advanced methods of electron microscopy in cell biology

    10 to 20 June 2019
    České Budějovice – Czech Republic

  • Ultrastructure and Skin Imaging in the Era of Global Dermatology-46th Annual Meeting 2019 SCUR@WCD

    10 June 2019
    Milan – Italy

    Abstract submission deadline extended to April 25th!

  • Advanced quantitative transmission electron microscopy: materials research in several dimensions

    27 to 31 May 2019
    Nice – France

    The abstract deadline is January 21 2019.

    We are looking forward to your contribution and to a vivid exchange of ideas between the electron microscopy and materials science communities.

  • Workshop on "Electrochemistry in Liquid TEM andon Orientation/Phase Mapping in Liquid"

    27 to 29 May 2019
    University of Picardy Jules Verne – Amiens – France

  • International Scanning Probe Microscopy (ISPM 2019) Conference

    26 to 29 May 2019
    Louvain-la-Neuve – Belgium

  • Annual Conference of HSM / Hungarian Society for Microscopy

    23 to 25 May 2019
    Siófok – Hungary

  • EMAS 2019 - 16th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis

    19 to 23 May 2019
    Trondheim – Norway

  • 89th IUVSTA workshop: Biological and Soft Matter Sample Preparation for High Resolution Imaging by High Vacuum Techniques

    19 to 24 May 2019
    Zakopane – Poland

  • Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging Official Opening

    17 May 2019
    London – United Kingdom

    Professor Roland Fleck and CUI team would like to invite you to celebrate the renovation and reequip of CUI at King’s College London on the 17thof May 2019.  We are organising a full day seminar highlighting current and emerging opportunities provided by electron microscopy in the life sciences.  Speakers will address major life science topics as well as translating physical science advances in instrumentation and imaging to life science challenges.  The symposium will be open to King’s staff and External delegates. 

    Speakers include Professor Richard Henderson, Professor Dwayne Miller, Professor Angus Kirkland, Professor Pete Nellist, Professor Mark Green, Professor Juan Burrone, Professor Helen Saibil and Professor Wah Chiu.  

    We hope you will be able to attend and look forward to seeing you in London.


    16 May 2019 to 05 April 2020
    Osaka – Japan

  • 6th Zoo meeting on Cell Adhesion and Migration in Inflammation and Cancer

    15 to 18 May 2019
    Blijdorp Zoo – Rotterdam – Netherlands

  • EMBL Course: Fundamentals of Widefield and Confocal Microscopy and Imaging

    13 to 17 May 2019
    Heidelberg – Germany

  • Advanced Workshop on Cryo-Electron Tomography

    11 to 17 May 2019
    Vienna – Austria

  • PICO 2019 - Fifth Conference on Frontiers of Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopyy

    05 to 09 May 2019
    Kasteel Vaalsbroek – Netherlands

    The meeting will address recent advances in methods and applications for the study of structural and electronic properties of solids by the application of advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques in materials science.

  • Botanical Microscopy 2019

    14 to 18 April 2019
    Oxford – United Kingdom

    The 11th running of the International Botanical Meeting will in 2019 be held in the new lecture/conference facilities at Oxford Brookes University with accommodation in the famous Queen’s College, Oxford.  As in recent meetings there will be 7 or 8 lead speakers and the rest of the programme will be chosen from offered talks.  To attract postgraduate students to participate, a number of bursaries will be available alongside reduced registration fees. Topics will as ever be a mix of state-of-the art microscopy combined with the latest developments in plant cell biology, including organelle dynamics, nuclear structure and function, and autophagy. Planned associated activities will include a Zeiss/RMC sponsored workshop on 3-D imaging technologies, a trip round the museum of the History of Science (the world’s first public museum and home to the RMS microscope collection) and a tour of the famous Oxford Botanical Gardens. We welcome you all to the famous University City of Oxford.

  • Symposium on Recent Advances in Microscopy Characterization of Photonic and Optoelectronic Materials (POEM2019)

    10 and 11 April 2019
    London – United Kingdom

  • 21st International Conference on Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials (MSM-XXI)

    09 to 12 April 2019
    Cambridge – United Kingdom

  • EMBO Practical Course: High-Accuracy CLEM: Applications at Room Temperature and in cryo

    07 to 12 April 2019
    Heidelberg – Germany

  • Symposium "Correlative and in situ microscopy in materials research"

    01 to 04 April 2019
    Regensburg – Germany

    Download Program

  • 14th European Molecular Imaging Meeting – EMIM 2019

    19 to 22 March 2019
    Scottish Event Campus – Glasgow – United Kingdom

  • Microscopy characterisation of organic-inorganic interfaces-2019

    07 and 08 March 2019
    Berlin – Germany

    The meeting is dedicated to microscopy of materials comprised of both organic and inorganic constituents in close proximity and is aimed at bringing togeth erexperts from both the life science and materials science communities to address this challenging and increasingly important topic. Different approaches such as the application of correlative microscopy solutions, low-voltage and cryogenic electron microscopy techniques, methods for fast acquisition and many more are discussed during the meeting in the context of studying hybrid materials
    This year’s Focus Lecture Series (second day) is dedicated to "Advances in imaging beam sensitive materials in the transmission electron microscope” and co-organized by Prof. Dr. Rafal E. Dunin-BorkowskiErnst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. The Focus lectures will cover topics that include the use of novel imaging modes in both TEM and scanning TEM to image electron beam sensitive materials, as well as computational approaches for extracting quantitative information from both images and diffraction patterns.

  • Microscopy and Analysis webinar: EDS in the TEM: Fundamentals and Principles

    21 February 2019

    Dr Jens Rafaelsen; Applications Engineer; EDAX

    Chris Parmenter; Editor: Microscopy and Analysis; Wiley Moderator

  • High Content Imaging 2019

    12 February 2019
    University of Nottingham – United Kingdom

    High content imaging (HCI) involves automated collection and analysis of images to provide quantitative data on a range of functional and morphological changes in cells, spheroids or organoids. It has become widely used as a tool for, amongst other things, screening of drug candidates, fragments, RNAi and miR.  This meeting is aimed at introducing the power of HCI to PhD students, early career researchers and academics who are new to HCI or would like to increase their understanding of the technique. It will cover experimental requirements, image collection techniques and analysis in high content imaging, as well as example applications for this approach. Major suppliers of HCI software and analysis will also demonstrate applications and uses of their software.

  • Pier Giorgio Merli (S)TEM School in Materials Science 2018-2019 (2nd Part: Practical Course)

    04 to 08 February 2019
    CNR-IMM Bologna – Italy

    The Pier Giorgio Merli  (S)TEM School, jointly organized by SISM and CNR-IMM, has gained its 7th edition. As in previous editions, in two full weeks, following a  well tested series of theoretical and practical lessons, the School will provide students and researchers with a qualified introduction to Transmission and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques for materials science. 
    Please note that the registration to the Practical Course will be allowed only to participants that have chosen to attend also the previous Theoretical Course. For a complete description of the School content and the ways to attend the Courses please refer to the School web site:

  • Basic course cryosectioning and immunogold labeling of thawed frozen sections (Tokuyasu technique)

    28 to 31 January 2019
    Cell Microscopy Core, CMM-Section Cell Biology, University Medical Center Utrecht – Netherlands

    A real hands-on course for the preparation of ultrathin frozen sections of aldehyde fixed and cryoprotected specimens for the TEM  from start (tissue/ cultured cells) to finish (immunogold labelled thawed frozen section).

  • Basic course resin embedding and ultrathin sectioning

    23 to 25 January 2019
    Cell Microscopy Core, CMM-Section Cell Biology, University Medical Center Utrecht – Netherlands

    A real hands-on course for the preparation of ultrathin sections for the TEM  from start (tissue/ cultured cells) to finish (ultrathin stained resin section).

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (online course)

    17 January 2019

    In this course, we provide a comprehensive introduction to TEM, including:

    - the instrument and its optics
    - the basics of electron diffraction and dynamical scattering
    - the theory of phase contrast imaging.
    Built from the ground up, the course is intended to be a starting point for understanding and working with TEM; to be used either as a stand alone resource, or in complement to books and in person teaching or coaching. We hope that it proves useful to our electron microscopy community, and look forward to receiving any feedback.
    NOTE: Being a virtual course it is not tied to any particular date (a participant can register and start at any time).
    For information please contact: Duncan Alexander <> and Hebert Cecile <>

  • Digital electron diffraction: Workshop at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

    15 January 2019
    Trondheim – Norway

  • 13th Winter Conference of the ESMI on “Imaging the Biomechanics of Life“

    13 to 18 January 2019
    Ecole de Physique in Les Houches – Les Houches – France

  • Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting 2019

    08 and 09 January 2019
    Cambridge – United Kingdom

    This flow cytometry facilities meeting is aimed at those managing or working in flow cytometry facilities. The sessions will be varied and based around ideas such as how core facilities interact with their institution, high-throughput and high dimensional techniques for data production, software approaches to deal with high dimensional data. Presentations will be given from those working in or using core facilities and our industry colleagues. There will be ample time in the programme for discussion and networking with participants. 


  • EM-UK 2019

    07 and 08 January 2019
    University of Warwick – United Kingdom

    The EM-UK community meetings are designed to be an open forum for discussion of the latest developments and challenges in the field, suitable for both academic and commercial microscopists. The meeting will include Techno Bites, talks, discussions about training, an evening meal and plenty of networking opportunities. Warwick boasts 3 separate EM facilities in Materials Science, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Life Sciences.

  • LM Facility Managers Meeting 2019

    03 and 04 January 2019
    Liverpool – United Kingdom

    Aimed at people running or working in light microscopy facilities. From very humble beginnings, we have grown to a much more significant and influential community of facility managers. Numbers of attendees have grown 10 fold since the first meeting in 2006 as more and more facilities have opened. We now represent one of the best organised facility groupings in the UK if not indeed the world. Following on from previous years, you can expect to find out more on the latest developments in UK Bioimaging and how we can feed in to wider international groups that are starting up.  We will also discuss some of the basic elements (funding, impact measures) of running a core facility as well as the latest technological and application developments that effect ourselves and our users.

  • Smart NanoMaterials 2018: Advances, Innovation and Application

    10 to 13 December 2018
    Paris – France

  • Single Particle Cryo-EM School

    10 to 13 December 2018
    University of Leeds – United Kingdom

    This 4-days course provides an introduction to the single particle cryo-EM pipeline for solving high resolution structures of macromolecular complexes.

  • HyperSpy Workshop at Delft 2018

    10 and 11 December 2018
    Delft – Netherlands

  • The Scottish Microscopy Group's 46th Annual Symposium

    05 December 2018
    Aberdeen – United Kingdom

  • Advanced microscopy techniques for plant-microbe interaction analysis

    26 to 30 November 2018
    AIT Austrian Insitute of Technology – Tulln/Vienna – Austria

  • Transmission electron microscopy in life sciences - Practical Course

    26 to 30 November 2018
    Prague – Czech Republic

  • Pier Giorgio Merli (S)TEM School in Materials Science 2018-2019 (1st Part: Theoretical Course)

    19 to 23 November 2018
    CNR-IMM Bologna – Bologna – Italy

    The Pier Giorgio Merli  (S)TEM School, jointly organized by SISM and CNR-IMM, has gained its 7th edition. As in previous editions, in two full weeks, following a  well tested series of theoretical and practical lessons, the School will provide students and researchers with a qualified introduction to Transmission and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques for materials science. The Theoretical Course is the first part of the School whose Practical Course will be carried out in February 2019 (4th to 8th February). For a complete description of the School content and the ways to attend the Courses please refer to the School web site:

  • “Pier Giorgio Merli” TEM School Bologna 2018

    15 November 2018 to 08 February 2019
    CNR-IMM Bologna, via Gobetti 101, Bologna, Italy – Bologna – Italy

    The 7th edition of the “Pier Giorgio Merli” Transmission Electron Microscopy School, jointly organised by SISM and CNR-IMM, in two full weeks, will provide students and researchers with a qualified introduction to TEM and STEM techniques for materials science. In the first week a theoretical introduction will be given while the second one will be devoted to pactical sessions. The maximum number of students will be limited to allow each participant to directly operate the instrument. Please refer to the school ( or SISM ( websites for additional information on the School and registration.
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