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  • EMAG-NANO 2005

    31 August 2005 to 02 September 2008
    Leeds – United Kingdom

    Organization: EMAG, Institute of Physics

    EMS sponsored lectures in Leeds

    • F. Besenbacher (Aarhus University, Denmark):
      • "Dynamics of nanostructures on surfaces revealed by high resolution, fast scanning STM"

  • Dreil√§ndertagung Microscopy Conference

    28 August to 02 September 2005
    Davos – Switzerland

    Organisation: SSOM, DGE, ÖSEM

    EMS lectures at Davos:

    • H.-J. Güntherodt (University of Basel, Switzerland): 25 years of SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) - impact on nanoscale science
    • K. Urban (Ernst Ruska Centre, Jülich, Germany): Atomic Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • XIIth International Conference on Electron Microscopy of Solids

    05 to 09 June 2005
    Kazimierz Dolny – Poland

    Organization: Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Polish Society for Microscopy, Polish Materials Society

    EMS sponsored lectures in Kazimierz Dolny

    • P.A. Midgley (University of Cambridge, UK):
      • "Electron tomography of nanoparticles and nanocrystals"
    • F. Phillipp (MPI, Stuttgart, Germany):
      • "In-situ high voltage atomic resolution electron microscopy"

  • 13th European Microscopy Congress (former EUREM)

    22 to 27 August 2004
    Groenenborger complex – Antwerpen – Belgium

    Owing to the developments in Near East it was agreed during an EMS General Assembly in Lecce, September 2002, that in January and April 2002, the EMS should stepwise decide on a possible change of venue. To all parties involved it was clear that the situation in Jerusalem, where the meeting was planned to be held, was such that there was real doubt that a congress in this city would be successful. The EMS president sent a letter to all European Societies for Microscopy, asking for their help in taking over the work done so far by the Israeli Organizing Committee. The Executive Board of EMS received three proposals and on the 18 th of April, a telephone conference was organised in which all members of the Executive Board participated. After this discussion, the unanimous decision was taken to accept the offer of the Belgian Society to organize EMC 2004 (European Microscopy Congress) in Antwerpen. The date of the Congress has not been changed: August 22-27, 2004. Presently, the International Advisory Board is being composed, and soon the agreement between EMS and the Organising Committee in Antwerpen will be signed. The First Announcement will be distributed at ICEM15 in Durban. We have to thank our Israeli colleagues for all the work they have done in preparation of EMC 2004 and express the hope that peace will be restored in the area soon.

    Download a short report published in GIT Verlag Imaging & Microscopy (4/2004).

  • 6th Multinational Congress on Microscopy

    01 to 05 June 2003
    Hotel Histria – Pula – Croatia

  • Trinoculaire Joint Microscopy Meeting (France, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands)

    25 to 28 June 2002
    Lille – France

  • 5th Multinational Congress on Electron Microscopy

    20 to 25 September 2001
    Lecce – Italy

  • 12th European Congress on Electron Microscopy

    09 to 14 July 2000
    Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions – Brno – Czech Republic

  • 11th European Congress on Electron Microscopy

    26 to 30 August 1996
    Dublin – Ireland

  • 10th European Congress on Electron Microscopy

    07 to 11 September 1992
    Granada – Spain

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