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  • XXI Conference on Applied Crystallography

    20 to 24 September 2009
    Zakopane – Poland

    Organization: University of Silesia and the Polish Academy of Sciences

    EMS sponsored lectures in Zakopane

    • Janos Lábár (Hungary):
      • "Introduction to TEM and SAED"
      • "ProcessDiffraction"
    • Jean-Paul Morniroli (France):
      • "Introduction to CBED and LACBED"
      • "JEMS"

  • Advanced School on Nanofabrication and Nanomanipulation

    08 September 2009
    University – Sheffield – United Kingdom

    Organization: Electron Microscopy of Analysis Group of the Institute of Physics, UK

    EMS sponsored lecture in Sheffield

    • I Utke (EMPA, Thun, Switzerland)

  • Microscopy Conference 2009 - Joint Meeting of MCM9 and Dreilaendertagung

    30 August to 04 September 2009
    Graz – Austria

    Organisation: Dreilaendertagung - ASEM, DGE, SSOM and MCM9 - ASEM, CSEM, CSMS, HSM, SISM, SSM, SDM

  • Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy and Analysis

    05 to 14 August 2009
    Jyväskylä – Finland

    Organization: Jyväskylä Summer School (JSS), Solubiologia (SOB)

    EMS sponsored lectures in Jyväskylä

  • Interdisciplinary conference on 3D microscopy 2009

    12 to 16 July 2009
    Congress Centre – Interlaken – Switzerland

    Organization: Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy (SSOM)

    EMS sponsored lectures in Interlaken

    • Urs Staufer (TU Delft, Micro and Nano Engineering Laboratory, The Netherlands):
      • "Scanning Force Microscopy on Mars"

  • School on Electron Precession

    06 to 10 July 2009
    Bouvines, Lille – France

    Organization: French Society of Microscopy

    EMS sponsored lectures in Bouvines

    • Laurence Daniel Marks (Professor of Materials Science, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA):
      • "Structure determination by Precession Electron Diffraction "

  • Advanced Electron Microscopy Summer School

    20 June to 04 July 2009
    Copenhagen – Denmark

    EMS sponsored lectures in Copenhagen

    • Ondrej Krivanek

  • Joint Meeting of the Spanish and Portuguese Microscopy Societies

    16 to 19 June 2009
    Segovia – Spain

    EMS sponsored lectures in Segovia

  • SCANDEM 2009

    08 to 10 June 2009
    Reykjavik – Iceland

    Organization: SCANDEM

    EMS sponsored lectures in Reykjavik

    • Stefan W. Hell (the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen):
      • "Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy"
    • Martha R. McCartney (Department of Physics, Arizona State University):
      • "Nanoscale Imaging of Electric and Magnetic Fields by Off-Axis Electron Holography"

  • QEM2009 Workshop

    17 to 29 May 2009
    Saint-Aygulf – France

    Organization: ESTEEM, CEMES-CNRS

    EMS sponsored lectures in Saint-Aygulf

    • F. Hofer (Graz)
    • M. Lehmann (Berlin)

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