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You can find hereunder a list of all events that may be interesting to EMS members.

Suggestions for microscopy related events to be listed in this calendar can be sent to the EMS secretary.

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  • AFM & SPM Meeting 2024

    25 to 28 March 2024
    United Kingdom

  • EPMA workshop

    25 to 28 March 2024

  • Huygens Virtual Workshop for Imaging Experts

    16 and 17 April 2024

    As a microscopist and/or facility member, you are aware of imaging pitfalls and the need to fix them with the purpose of staying true to the real object. To reach this goal and teach this to your users, it is crucial to select the right image processing tools, and to use them in the correct order and manner. During this virtual workshop, we will discuss pitfalls in image acquisition and issues that are typically found when using certain imaging modalities. Furthermore, we will show newly acquired data that proves that the "Pyramid of Frustration" can be enlarged - even with noisy data. Deconvolution is explained by our experts, and the brand-new Huygens Image Quality Control tool is demonstrated. Hands-on sessions focus on using imaging pipelines, command line interfaces (Python), and various image restoration and analysis options. Different Huygens solutions tailored to individual users, research groups, and imaging facilities will be presented, and we'll discuss with you how we can share educational material, and contribute to trainings on-site.

  • 19th European Molecular Imaging Meeting – EMIM 2024

    12 to 15 May 2024
    Alfândega Congress Centre – Porto – Portugal

    It is with great pleasure to invite you to Porto for the next European Molecular Imaging Meeting – the EMIM 2024! The EMIM 2024 is the 19th annual Meeting of the European Society for Molecular Imaging – ESMI. (
    Don’t miss to contribute! We are looking forward to many contributions from all fields of Imaging Science!

    July 2023 | Open Call for Programme Team Members & Reviewers
    10 Oct. 2023 | Opening Abstract Submission
    21 November 2023 | Deadline Abstract Submission
    4 January 2024 | Notification to Presenters
    17 January 2024 | Early Bird Registration Deadline
    Abstract main categories
    Physics, Engineering & Technologies
    Probe Chemistry & Reporter Genes
    Reconstruction, Processing & Analysis
    Image-Guided Therapy
    Cardiovascular & Respiratory
    CNS & Peripheral Nerves
    Immunology, Inflammation, & Infection
    Re-/Degeneration & Developmental Biology
    Contact: Doris Kracht

  • ELMI

    04 to 07 June 2024
    Liverpool – United Kingdom

  • Light Microscopy Summer School

    08 and 09 July 2024
    University of York – York – United Kingdom

    The RMS Light Microscopy Summer School is a two day course, held at the University of York, covering the principles of light microscopy. Participants are also trained in practical issues surrounding light microscopy. After introductory presentations, the course is taught predominantly through hands-on practical sessions. The course is suitable for both novices and more experienced users wanting to gain a greater understanding of the microscope and feedback every year is always fantastic. Students usually come from a range of backgrounds, within both research and commercial organisations. All benefited greatly from the course and left with increased understanding and skills. The course is immediately followed by a two-day hands-on Confocal Course - Getting the most from your Confocal Course

  • Electron Microscopy Summer School

    15 to 19 July 2024
    University of Leeds – Leeds – United Kingdom

    The RMS Electron Microscopy Summer School, held at the University of Leeds, aims to provide a basic training in both the theory and practice of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The course covers imaging, diffraction and chemical microanalysis as well as the highly important area of sample preparation.

  • 17th European Microscopy Congress

    25 to 30 August 2024
    Bella Center – Copenhagen – Denmark

  • Flow Cytometry Course

    02 to 06 September 2024
    University of York – York – United Kingdom

    The RMS Flow Cytometry Course, held at the University of York, is aimed at both clinical applications and applications in cell biology, with the common fundamentals covered on Day 1 and 2. The course then splits into clinical applications and applications in cell biology streams, from practical demonstrations to lectures highlighting not just the applications, but best practise as well.


    The course is constructed as a set of three modules. You can elect to attend the course from between two to five days, depending on the modules selected.  The modules consist of lectures interspersed with sessions in the laboratory. It is anticipated that instruments from two manufacturers will be available for practical work.


    This course is open to all and is suitable for those who are relatively new to flow cytometry and who wish to expand their experience with applications and specific analysis.

  • 2024 Frontiers of Electron Microscopy and Materials Science (FEMMS)

    29 September to 04 October 2024
    Catania – Italy

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