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EMS Secretariat, June 18, 2002

Prof. Dr. E. Wisse
Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology
Free University of Brussels (VUB)
Laarbeeklaan 103
B-1090 Brussels-Jette, Belgium
Tel: (+32)-2-477.44.04
EMS web site:

Dear EMS member,

     The EMS has experienced a few important developments since the previous newsletters of November (2001) and March (2002). You can read the text of these EMS Newsletters (including this one) and other information about EMS at the web site (URL see above).

EMS extension at the Joint Microscopy Meeting in Lille, France, June 25 - 28, 2002

     The French, Belgian, Dutch and Swiss Societies for Microscopy are organizing a multinational meeting in Lille, France. The EMS is supporting the scientific program by financing two invited speakers, who will deliver an "EMS lecture" at the meeting. These lectures will be printed in the EMS Yearbook. EMS members are welcome at this meeting in the same way as members of the organizing societies. Further information about the meeting is provided in the previous EMS Newsletter or at the congress web site:
< >.

     During the meeting in Lille, an EMS General Assembly meeting wil be held on Thursday afternoon. At this meeting the President, Secretary and Treasurer will report on their activities. A discussion will be held on the change of venue of EMC 2004. For further details on the exact hour and place of the meeting, have a look at the announcements during the Lille meeting. All EMS members are invited to attend this meeting.

EMS extension at the Joint Microscopy Meeting in Pula, Croatia, June 1 - 5, 2003

     The microscopy societies of Croatia, Austria, Czech and Slovak Republic, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia are joining efforts in organizing the 6 th MCM (Multinational Congress on Microscopy). Members of the EMS are invited to participate in this congress and contribute to the scientific program as if they were members of the organizing societies. EMS is supporting the scientific program by financing invited speakers, who will deliver an "EMS lecture" at the meeting. The 6 th MCM is being organized in Pula on the Adriatic coast June 1 - 5, 2003. The organizer of the meeting is Dr. Ongjen Milat < milat@IFS.HR >. More information can be obtained at the web site of the meeting: < >.

European Microscopy Congress, EMC 2004, Antwerpen, Belgium, August 23 - 27, 2004

     Owing to the developments in Near East it was agreed during an EMS General Assembly in Lecce, September 2002, that in January and April 2002, the EMS should stepwise decide on a possible change of venue. To all parties involved it was clear that the situation in Jerusalem, where the meeting was planned to be held, was such that there was real doubt that a congress in this city would be successful. The EMS president sent a letter to all European Societies for Microscopy, asking for their help in taking over the work done so far by the Israeli Organizing Committee. The Executive Board of EMS received three proposals and on the 18 th of April, a telephone conference was organised in which all members of the Executive Board participated. After this discussion, the unanimous decision was taken to accept the offer of the Belgian Society to organize EMC 2004 (European Microscopy Congress) in Antwerpen. The date of the Congress has not been changed: August 23-27, 2004. Presently, the International Advisory Board is being composed, and soon the agreement between EMS and the Organising Committee in Antwerpen will be signed. A web site with current information is under construction. The First Announcement will be distributed at ICEM15 in Durban. We have to thank our Israeli colleagues for all the work they have done in preparation of EMC 2004 and express the hope that peace will be restored in the area soon.

Yearbook 2002

     Thanks to the continuing efforts of Dr. Peter Hawkes and the firm ERI in the Paris region, the EMS Yearbook 2002 will appear very soon. All members of EMS who have supplied an up-to-date address should receive a copy of this Yearbook for free. The Yearbook is a rich source of information about the EMS membership, about companies involved in microscopy and about the organization of microscopy (societies) in Europe. In case you have any remark or contribution in this field, please contact Peter Hawkes < > or the EMS secretary (email see above).

EMS membership

     After the last newsletter, the EMS membership has been growing. At present we have more than 3000 members, living in nineteen countries: Belgium (130 members), Czech and Slovak Republic (139), France (369), Germany (120), Greece (60), Italy (340), Ireland (30), Israel (213), The Netherlands (498), Russia (21), Spain (159), Switzerland (325), Turkey (136), UK (EMAG and RMS, 411) and Yugoslavia (63). Other societies are "on their way" to EMS, such as Croatia (57), Hungary ( 172), Slovenia (66), making a grand total of 3300 members. We hope that the Scandinavian microscopists will soon join the EMS. For some societies it is apparently difficult to collect the Euro 5 EMS membership fee, but there is a possibility to obtain a reduction for a restricted period of time (cf. the EMS Constitution). Another difficulty is the fact that all correspondence between EMS and its members is through email. About half of the members have an email address. Unfortunately, a number of email addresses are no longer correct. For this reason we are attempting to improve the database of email addresses of the EMS membership. In connection with the publication of the next Yearbook a large number of updated addresses have been received. In addition to the Yearbook we will also publish a printed version of the EMS Newsletter (see below).

Printed version of the EMS Newsletter, cooperation with G.I.T. Verlag

     The EMS Executive Board and G.I.T. Verlag have agreed to distribute EMS information in the journal Imaging & Microscopy. You can find an interview with the past and present EMS President in the last issue of Imaging & Microscopy. The G.I.T. website can be found at: < >. We hope this cooperation will develop into a symbiosis, beneficial to both parties.

MicroScience 2002, London, ExCel Conference Centre, July 9 - 11, 2002

     The organizers of this conference ask for our cooperation in drawing your attention to MicroScience 2002. Sixteen scientific sessions and a large microscope exhibition involving more than 80 companies will be organized. More details about the congress, organized by the Royal Microscopical Society can be found at the web site < >.

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