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The General Council can be held upon request of the EMS Executive Board and at least once every four years. During an EMC year the General Council is held in conjunction with and directly following a General Assembly at the EMC meeting. The General Council is composed of i) representatives of national societies for microscopy in Europe, that have adopted en-bloc membership of EMS, ii) the members of the Executive Board, and iii) two representatives of the European Corporate Member Assembly (ECMA).


National societies for microscopy that have adopted en-bloc membership of EMS and have less than 300 paying EMS members will have one representative with one vote. Societies with over 300 paying EMS members will have two representatives, each with one vote. Only one society per country can send representatives to the General Council. When two societies are active in one country, the society with the largest EMS membership will be represented at the General Council, unless a written document signed by all parties involved is produced at the General Council indicating that the right has been passed on to a smaller society.


The secretary of the Executive Board prepares the agenda for the General Council. The agenda is made available three months before the date of the General Council.


The president of the Executive Board serves as chairman of the General Council, or in his/her absence, the secretary or the past-president will serve (in that order).


Representatives of national societies should be paid-up EMS members.


No meeting of the General Council shall have the power to make valid decisions unless more than 50% of all societies that decided for en-bloc membership of EMS are represented. In case of insufficient participation, decisions are postponed until the next meeting of the General Assembly or can be put-up for electronic voting by the EMS board.


Decisions of the General Council are taken by simple majority (> 50%) of votes. In the event of an equal division of votes, the chairman shall make the final decision.


The General Council:

  1. shall decide on the venue of the next EMS . The decision is based on a vote, taken after a presentation and discussion of proposals made by a national society or societies for microscopy that engage themselves to host an EMC after being solicited by the EMS board. Criteria for writing a proposal are given in the by-laws (Section F).
  2. shall decide on the acceptation of new societies that want to introduce the en-bloc system.
  3. shall determine the annual fees for members and corporate members, as proposed by the Executive Board.




The General Assembly should meet at least once a year, the General Council at least every four years. During an EMC year or an IMC year in Europe , these meetings are held in conjunction with the EMC or IMC. The date, the place and the agenda of the meeting shall be announced by the secretary at least three months in advance by publication of the available data on the website of The Society.


The agenda of the General Assembly and General Council shall be composed by the secretary and be approved by the Executive Board before publication on the website.


Any group of twenty EMS members may propose subjects for discussion at the meeting of the General Assembly. Such proposals shall reach the secretary at least three months before the meeting. A subject not placed on the agenda can be discussed at the General Assembly only if approved by at least half of the delegates with voting rights present.


Corporate members (see section G) and national microscopy societies with en-bloc membership shall make known (in writing) to the secretary, not later than one day before the General Council meeting, the name(s) of their representatives.


Each national microscopy society shall be represented at the General Council meeting by its representatives. Each representative shall have only one vote.


On each particular matter, electronic voting can replace the on-site voting when so decided by the General Assembly and General Council. Electronic voting has no quorum and will be conducted in a pre-defined period of time immediately after the respective General Assembly or General Council (with a maximum delay of one month after the date of the General Assembly and General Council for the closing of the e-voting procedure). The majority rules remain the same as with on-site voting.


The president of the Executive Board may invite observers, representing scientific bodies, organizations or individuals to attend a meeting of the General Assembly and General Council. Such invited guests may take part in the discussion but have no voting powers.


Minutes of meetings of the General Assembly and General Council shall be made by the secretary within three months of the adjournment of the meeting. The minutes shall be published on the website and sent by e-mail to the secretaries of societies for microscopy in Europe and officers of the Executive Board of IFSM, the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy.


After approval by the Executive Board and the General Assembly, two copies of the approved minutes shall be signed by the president and the secretary and shall be kept by the president and the secretary and handed over to their successors.

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