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EMS Secretariat, January 26, 2004

Prof. em. dr. E. Wisse
Irisweg 16
B-3140 Keerbergen
Tel: (+32)-(0)15-234.247
EMS web site:

Dear EMS member,

The FEI-EMA Awards

     The prize will be awarded on the basis of the quality and originality of scientific achievements in any field of microscopy, obtained during the five years preceding the application. All modes of microscopy are included. Two awards are offered by the FEI Company, one for the life sciences, the other for the physical/materials sciences and optics. The value of each prize is € 5,000. The winners of the award will be announced at the European Microscopy Congress (EMC).

     Candidates for the prize can be proposed by a Microscopy Society in Europe, a group of scientists, or an individual scientist. Proposers should indicate in their written appraisal and justification the extent to which the award would help to support the professional opportunities of the applicant.

     Candidates must be i) European, or ii) of European origin, or iii) non-European scientists who work or have worked in Europe for more than one year. A candidate needs to be a member of a Microscopy Society in Europe.Applications should contain seven identical hard copies of: i) a resume' (CV), ii) a list of publications, iii) reprints of five publications that best support the candidature; the candidate should be the leading author of these publications, iv) an appraisal and justification written by the proposer. Proposals should be received by normal mail before April 1st 2004 by the

President of EMS Prof. Jose L. Carrascosa
Department of Structure of Macromolecules
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, CSIC.
Campus Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid

     Please note that this is a change of the originally announced address. Email applications will not be processed. Candidates will be evaluated by a jury of six members, selected by the Executive Board of EMS. The Executive Board of EMS is responsible for the scientific competence of the jury and the jury is responsible for a balanced evaluation of the applications, based on their scientific quality. The physical/optics/materials sciences and the life sciences will be represented in equal numbers in the jury. The President of EMS is the non-voting chairman of the jury. It is left to the discretion of the chairman of the jury to balance and process the evaluations of the individual jury members in the light of their different fields of expertise. The names of the members of the jury will be made public at the EMC. The successful candidates and all proposers will be informed about the decision of the jury by June 1st of the same year.

     Each successful candidate is required to register as a participant of the EMC and to deliver a keynote lecture during a plenary session. The full texts of these presentations will be printed in the EMS Yearbook. Microscopy Societies in Europe are requested to make every effort to inform their membership about the prize.

Information on the European Microscopy Society:

Information on the European Microscopy Congress:


     Prof. em. dr. E. Wisse
     EMS Secretary

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