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EMS Secretariat, November 7, 2001

To all members of the EMS

Dear colleague,

     This is the first email to be sent to every member of EMS. After a long period of formal arrangements and negotiations, several microscopy societies in Europe have decided to adopt the procedure known as en-bloc membership, whereby their own members also become members of EMS. In this procedure, members pay Euro 5 and the societies assist EMS in collecting the annual fee and also make their list of members and email addresses available to EMS in electronic form. This procedure keeps administrative costs low and makes it possible for EMS to operate. It should be emphasized however, that EMS is a European society with individual members. Individual membership is also available and regular mail is then dispatched directly by the secretary of EMS. The annual fee for individual members is Euro 25, because of the higher costs. At present, EMS has 1,561 paid-up members. The en-bloc membership concerns the microscopy societies of Belgium, the Czech and Slovak Republic, France, Greece, Israel, The Netherlands and Spain. An additional nine microscopy societies in Croatia, UK (EMAG), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey and Yugoslavia have decided for en-bloc membership. Their members will bring the total membership of EMS to 2,500 or more. More details about EMS are available at our new website:

This website is supported by a server, to which your messages, opinions and and corrections may be sent via the address:

Of course the frequently asked question is: what does EMS offer to its members? For the moment the advantages concern:

  1. the membership of a large scale microscopy society
  2. the quadrennial EMC (European Microscopy Congress), for which the EMS members pay a much reduced fee
  3. the annual Yearbook, free of charge
  4. the yearly European EMS-extension to one of the regional meetings for microscopy, for which the EMS members pay a reduced fee
  5. the workshops which are going to be organized by EMS, for which the EMS members will pay a reduced fee
  6. the EMS Newsletter, to be published by email, available on the EMS website and distributed in printed form in one of the microscopy- oriented journals, free of charge

     More details about the realizations and plans of EMS can be found in the attached document, which contains a report on the General Assembly meeting of EMS, held during the first European extension to a regional meeting (the 5th MCEM), which took place in Lecce Italy, September 20 - 25 (2001).

with best wishes,

Eddie Wisse,
EMS Secretary

( email: )

< Attached document: Minutes of the General Assembly of the EMS held in Lecce, 2001  >

Prof. dr. E. Wisse
Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology
Free University of Brussels (VUB)
Laarbeeklaan 103
B-1090 Brussels-Jette
tel: (32) 02-477.4404, mobile: (32) 0478.234.816, fax: (32) 02-477.4405
email: (work), (home)
web sites: # #

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