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Mission statement


II.1.: The aims of The Society are to promote the use and the quality of advanced microscopy in all its aspects in Europe , with particular reference to developments in instrumentation and methodology and novel applications of all types of microscopy. Although light, electron and scanning-probe microscopy are expected to occupy a large place in the activities of The Society, no form of microscopy is excluded.

II.2.: To achieve its goals, The Society will:

  1. jointly organize the European Microscopy Congresses (EMC) with local organizations
  2. support the organization of International Microscopy Congresses when they are held in Europe
  3. initiate and support European extensions to multinational or regional conferences
  4. initiate and support the organization of European topic-oriented, specialized workshops, symposia or schools in cooperation with national societies for microscopy
  5. initiate and support the establishment of national societies for microscopy in countries of Europe that lack such a structure
  6. support the publication of an electronic journal, proceedings of conferences, a yearbook or other publications
  7. initiate and support the formation of committees that work for the realization of specialized goals, such as the European Corporate Member Assembly (ECMA)
  8. cooperate with national societies and corporate members in awarding prizes to outstanding microscopists
  9. promote microscopy in the broadest sense at the EC Headquarters in Brussels in an attempt to demonstrate that microscopy has an important impact on the society today. EMS will also promote activities leading to the allocation of research grants to the field of microscopy
  10. promote microscopy to the general public by stimulating communication with TV and radio stations, journals and other forms of public communication
  11. promote the interaction of academia and industry for the welfare of microscopy in general
  12. undertake any action supporting the aims of The Society.

II.3.: EMS will leave the structure and individual character of the national societies for microscopy intact and inviolate.

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