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EMS extensions

EMS has designed several ways in which the society supports the organisation of microscopy related events in Europe. Next to the well-defined involvement in the organisation of the quadrennial European Microscopy Congresses (EMC series, successor of EUREM) EMS also explicitly supports extended regional meetings organised by at least two national or one regional European society. At present this support includes financial sponsoring to cover the costs of two invited lecturers, assistance in electronic distribution of information about the meeting to the extended EMS membership, support in arranging contacts and contracts with the ECMA (EMS corporate members), use of a road-map for organising international microscopy meetings, etc.. In the near future EMS expects to be able to offer more extended services including on-line abstract submission, proceedings printing, insurance, ... Meetings receiving the latter type of support agree to be referred to as "EMS extension", a term which indicates the strong involvement of and support from EMS. In principle, EMS expects to be involved in a single EMS extension per year, but on exceptional cases more than one extension can be supported in a given year providing the societies involved do not cover overlapping geographical areas. In principle, no extension will be organized in the year of an EMC congress.

Eligibility criteria, the procedure for requesting the status of EMS extension etc. are given on a separate page.

Below the EMS extensions for the coming years as well as those in previous years are listed.

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Past Top

  • 10th Multinational Congress on Microscopy

    04 to 09 September 2011
    Scientific Campus Urbino University – Urbino – Italy

    Organization: ASEM, CSEM, CSMS, HSM, SISM, SSM, SDM

    EMS lectures at Urbino

    • András Kovács (Research Centre Jülich, Germany) 
    • Antonio Nanci (Université de Montréal)

  • Microscopy Conference 2011

    28 August to 02 September 2011
    Kiel – Germany

    Organization: DGE, SCANDEM, PTMi

    EMS lectures at Kiel

    • Holger Stark (Göttingen, Germany) 
    • Jannik C. Meyer (Vienna, Austria)


    28 June to 01 July 2010
    ExCeL – London – United Kingdom

    Organization: RMS

    EMS lectures at London:

    • Sir John Meurig Thomas (University of Cambridge): "The Genius of Michael Faraday" 
    • Wolfgang Baumeister (Technical University of Munich): "Cryo-electron microscopy: From molecules to systems "

  • 2010 Annual Conference of the Nordic Microscopy Society

    08 to 10 June 2010
    Kista Forum – Stockholm – Sweden

    Main organizer: Prof. Oleg Shupliakov, KI

    EMS lectures at Stockholm

    • Niels de Jonge (Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA): "Imaging Tagged Proteins in Eukaryotic Cells in Liquid with Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy" 
    • Martin Hýtch (CEMES-CNRS, Université de Toulouse, France): "Measuring strain in electronics devices by dark-field electron holography"

  • Microscopy Conference 2009 - Joint Meeting of MCM9 and Dreilaendertagung

    30 August to 04 September 2009
    Graz – Austria

    Organisation: Dreilaendertagung - ASEM, DGE, SSOM and MCM9 - ASEM, CSEM, CSMS, HSM, SISM, SSM, SDM

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