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  • Joint Meeting of Dreil√§ndertagung & multinational Congress on Microscopy

    EMS extension 2021

    EMS is proud to annouce the EMS extension for the year 2021

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  • EMS Board 2020-2024

    You are welcome to see the new board at

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  • European Microscopy Outstanding Paper Awards - winners

    EMS is proud to announce the winners of the European Microscopy Outstanding Paper Awards for papers published in 2019 in the following areas:
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  • The Company of Biologists and Journal of Cell Science launch FocalPlane, a new microscopy community site

    FocalPlane is a trusted online meeting place to connect people, products, resources and

    information from the microscopy community...

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  • We are proud to announce the EM Awards 2020 winners:

    EM Awards 2020 winners

    Dr. Sara BALS: Physical/Materials Sciences and Optics award

    Dr. Emmanuel BEAUREPAIRE: Life Sciences award is offered to

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  • Adventures with atoms and molecules

    In 2000, Professor Christian Colliex demonstrated single-atom electron energy loss spectroscopy for the first time. Rebecca Pool finds out how he pioneered EELS in transmission electron microscopy, and more.

    The excellent article published at MicroscopyandAnalysis; May/June 2020, is available for free download

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  • ECMA

    Welcome to our latest member

    Welcome to the Welcome to 3D-Micromac AG

    Who has recently join the EMS.

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