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Welcome to our latest members

The EMC would like to welcome its latest ECMA members:

  • RaySpec
  • SenseAI
  • AdvaScope


RaySpec is a specialist manufacturer of energy dispersive x-ray detectors based on Silicon Drift Detector technology.  Our products are found worldwide in scanning electron microscopy systems, x-ray fluorescence analysers and on specific beamlines at synchrotrons and other accelerator based laboratories.

Our innovative products have helped drive technology, enabled detailed materials analysis for quality assurance or regulatory compliance and facilitated advances in x-ray analytical techniques.  We deliver high quality, high performance products, underpinned by excellent application support and customer service.

RaySpec has formerly traded as Gresham Scientific Instruments Ltd, e2v scientific instruments Ltd and SGX Sensortech (MA) Ltd.


SenseAI dramatically changes the image sensing landscape. Using proprietary sub-sampling methodologies, it can generate the same high-quality images and video feeds with up to 100x less data (1% of the original data).

Applications include Analytical Equipment, Biological Materials Imaging & Medical Imaging.


We are a team dedicated to developing the most advanced hybrid pixelated detectors for electron microscopy. We combine decades of experience in cutting edge detector design with a deep understanding of customer requirements. We focus on long term partnerships across the industry, optimizing our detectors for each application.

Our team covers all aspects of detector design and manufacture, high speed readout electronics and bespoke software developments. We provide the most flexible detector design, long term support and the most advanced detectors on the market.


We are a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and manufacturing

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