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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie e.V. (German Society for Electron Microscopy)


for outstanding achievements in the field of electron microscopy.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie invites to propose candidates for the Ernst-Ruska-Prize 2023. The prize is awarded for work carried out by preferably younger scientists pioneering new capabilities of electron microscopy as a scientific technique through innovative instrumentation or novel methods of basic and general interest. Work carried out by pure application of existing techniques will not be considered. The eligible work should not date back more than 7 years. It must be either published or accepted for publication at the time of submission of the proposal.

The decision will be made by the independent Ernst-Ruska-Prize Committee. The Ernst-Ruska-Prize consists of a certificate, a financial award, as well as the honour of giving an Ernst Ruska Distinguished Lecture at the Ceremony of Award. If a group of authors receives the award, they will be awarded jointly. The ceremony will take place at the Microscopy Conference MC2023 in Darmstadt, Germany, February 26th- March 2nd, 2023.

Proposals including appraisal of the achievement, reprints or preprints, and short CV including list of publications of the authors should be received in electronic version not later than July 31st, 2022, addressed to

President of DGE
Prof. Dr. Peter A. van Aken
Stuttgart Center for Electron Microscopy (StEM)
Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research
Heisenbergstraße 1
70569 Stuttgart, GERMANY
E-mail: p.vanaken (at)


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