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Welcome to our latest members

The EMC would like to welcome its latest ECMA member:

Telight joins EMS!

Telight specializes in the development of light optics instruments for life sciences. It offers innovative solutions for research centers, laboratories, and universities worldwide. Their mission is to provide researchers with the most advanced equipment for their work, a researcher is always at the center of their endeavor. Their specialization lies in the long- term imaging of live cells.

Quantitative Phase Imaging

The holographic microscope Q-Phase, which won the Werner von Siemens Award for the most important development and innovation in 2013, is being developed in Brno. It is used for a variety of research applications, such as the study of cancer cells. Holographic microscope provides scientists with unique image data as well as quantitative data about their samples, this allows for advanced analysis and opens new fields of research.

Bringing super-resolution to all labs

Telight has developed a complementary microscope device, LiveCodim, that allows scientists to overcome the light diffraction limit when observing live cells and obtain a resolution of less than 100 nanometers. The LiveCodim project has been awarded a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation grant. In essence, LiveCodim is a universal, super-resolution imaging platform, designed to interface with any standard fluorescence microscope. It is the solution for live imaging with high resolution and low phototoxicity.

They reside in Brno and Paris, if you would be interested in their technology or simply would like to get to know them, they are always happy to answer your questions and look at your research. Keep exploring the unseen.


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