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You can find hereunder a list of all events that may be interesting to EMS members.

Suggestions for microscopy related events to be listed in this calendar can be sent to the EMS secretary.

Webinars are listed on a separate page

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  • Microscopy Conference 2017

    21 to 25 August 2017
    SwissTech Convention Center – Lausanne – Switzerland

    Microscopy conference jointly organised by: SSOM – Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy ASEM – Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy DGE – German Society for Electron Microscopy e.V.

  • CINEMAXIII PhD Summer school

    28 August to 01 September 2017
    Lolland – Denmark

  • Advanced Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis (AMBIA)

    03 to 09 September 2017
    Brno – Czech Republic

    The summer school consists of 5 days of lectures and exercises.
    The application deadline is March 31st.


    04 to 15 September 2017
    ZURICH – Switzerland

    The school is dedicated to teaching the basics and
    wider context necessary to understand recent advances and current
    challenges in biological and medical imaging. Cutting-edge techniques
    using a wide range of image-formation mechanisms — including
    magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, infrared and
    optical microscopy, electron microscopy and X-ray imaging — will be
    discussed, with a focus on multimodal and multiscale imaging methods,
    together with supporting technologies such as computer-aided image
    analysis and modeling.

    Admission will be decided based on the applicant’s curriculum vitae,
    a statement of purpose and applicant’s references. Students who have
    not yet started a PhD program may apply for a stipend. Interested
    students should send in addition to the documents mentioned above
    copies of their university grades and arrange a letter of
    recommendation to be sent directly to Dr. Beat Schuler

  • Call for abstracts: MFS-2017 Conference

    05 to 08 September 2017
    Zaragoza – Spain

  • Confocal microscopy course

    05 to 08 September 2017
    University of York – York – United Kingdom

    An intensive, hands-on, four-day training course in the rapidly developing techniques of confocal microscopy. The course will initially cover basic confocal but then swiftly move on to the more advanced techniques such as FRAP, FRET and spectral unmixing. Over the four days, all participants will have used four different confocal set-ups; Zeiss LSM880 and LSM780 on inverted microscopes, a Zeiss LSM710 on an upright microscope, and an Andor Revolution XD spinning disk confocal. To demonstrate each technique, a wide range of both samples (plants to cell culture) and labels (antibody to fluorescent proteins) will be used. Participants are welcome to bring their own samples.


    06 to 08 September 2017
    Zaragoza – Spain

  • ToScA 2017

    06 to 08 September 2017
    University of Portsmouth – United Kingdom

    This will be the 5th annual ToScA symposium addressing hard and soft tissue imaging, understanding materials in 3D, recent advances in hardware and software, and a broad range of applications in tomography. This international symposium will consist of keynote speakers, student talks, student poster presentations and an image competition. The symposium provides opportunity for open discussions, networking with researchers and commercial industry as well as a platform to engage in collaborations.

  • School on Advanced Analytical Electron Microscopy (SAAM) 2017

    07 and 08 September 2017
    Forschungszentrum Jülich – Germany

  • RMS Flow Cytometry Course

    10 to 15 September 2017
    York – United Kingdom

    The RMS flow cytometry course is aimed at both life science and clinical science fields, with the common fundamentals covered on day 1 and 2.
    The course then splits into life science and clinical orientated modules, from practical demonstrations to lectures highlighting not just the applications, but best practise as well. 
    The course is constructed as a set of three modules. You can elect to attend the Course from between two to five days, depending on the Modules selected. The Modules consist of lectures interspersed with sessions in the laboratory. It is anticipated that instruments from three manufacturers will be available for practical work.

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