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EMS News

German Society for Electron Microscopy

Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture 2017

The German Society for Electron Microscopy invites the international community to propose candidates for the Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture. The prize is awarded to one person for her/his outstanding work which is still pursued today. The... [Read Next]

German Society for Electron Microscopy

International Ernst-Ruska-Prize 2017

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie invites to propose candidates for the Ernst-Ruska-Prize. The prize is awarded for work carried out by younger scientists pioneering new capabilities of electron microscopy as a scientific technique through innovative... [Read Next]

EMS General Assembly

EMS General Assembly at EMC2016 in Lyon

Please join us at the EMS General Assembly to be held at EMC2016 in Lyon, France- Thursday, September 1, 2016, 12.30 till 13.30. [Read Next]

MCM 2017
EMC 2016
International School on Fundamental Crystallography with applications to Electron Crystallography


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