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EMS News


The EMS selected its 2016 winners

EMS has selected 26 scholarships for early stage career participation at the 16th European Microscopy Congress, EMC2016, in Lyon, France. [Read Next]

EMS Outstanding Paper Award 2015

Award winners

The Executive Board of the European Microscopy Society (EMS) has received the decision of the Jury of the EMS Outstanding Paper Award for the year 2015. In total 13 high quality papers were nominated by... [Read Next]

Online Tool

New version of the EELS and XAS database

The EELS database website has been completely rewritten, with an improved design, user interface and a number of new tools. The database is freely accessible at and can now be used without registration.  [Read Next]

EMC 2016
International School on Fundamental Crystallography with applications to Electron Crystallography


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