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You can find hereunder a list of all events that may be interesting to EMS members.

Suggestions for microscopy related events to be listed in this calendar can be sent to the EMS secretary.

Webinars are listed on a separate page

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  • Advanced microscopy techniques for plant-microbe interaction analysis

    26 to 30 November 2018
    AIT Austrian Insitute of Technology – Tulln/Vienna – Austria

  • Transmission electron microscopy in life sciences - Practical Course

    26 to 30 November 2018
    Prague – Czech Republic

  • The Scottish Microscopy Group's 46th Annual Symposium

    05 December 2018
    Aberdeen – United Kingdom

  • Smart NanoMaterials 2018: Advances, Innovation and Application

    10 December and 13 October 2018
    Paris – France

  • Single Particle Cryo-EM School

    10 to 13 December 2018
    University of Leeds – United Kingdom

    This 4-days course provides an introduction to the single particle cryo-EM pipeline for solving high resolution structures of macromolecular complexes.

  • HyperSpy Workshop at Delft 2018

    10 and 11 December 2018
    Delft – Netherlands

  • LM Facility Managers Meeting 2019

    03 and 04 January 2019
    Liverpool – United Kingdom

    Aimed at people running or working in light microscopy facilities. From very humble beginnings, we have grown to a much more significant and influential community of facility managers. Numbers of attendees have grown 10 fold since the first meeting in 2006 as more and more facilities have opened. We now represent one of the best organised facility groupings in the UK if not indeed the world. Following on from previous years, you can expect to find out more on the latest developments in UK Bioimaging and how we can feed in to wider international groups that are starting up.  We will also discuss some of the basic elements (funding, impact measures) of running a core facility as well as the latest technological and application developments that effect ourselves and our users.

  • EM-UK 2019

    07 and 08 January 2019
    University of Warwick – United Kingdom

    The EM-UK community meetings are designed to be an open forum for discussion of the latest developments and challenges in the field, suitable for both academic and commercial microscopists. The meeting will include Techno Bites, talks, discussions about training, an evening meal and plenty of networking opportunities. Warwick boasts 3 separate EM facilities in Materials Science, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Life Sciences.

  • Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting 2019

    08 and 09 January 2019
    Cambridge – United Kingdom

    This flow cytometry facilities meeting is aimed at those managing or working in flow cytometry facilities. The sessions will be varied and based around ideas such as how core facilities interact with their institution, high-throughput and high dimensional techniques for data production, software approaches to deal with high dimensional data. Presentations will be given from those working in or using core facilities and our industry colleagues. There will be ample time in the programme for discussion and networking with participants. 


  • 13th Winter Conference of the ESMI on “Imaging the Biomechanics of Life“

    13 to 18 January 2019
    Ecole de Physique in Les Houches – Les Houches – France

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