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We are proud to announce the EM Awards 2020 winners:

EM Awards 2020 winners

Dr. Sara BALS: Physical/Materials Sciences and Optics award

Dr. Emmanuel BEAUREPAIRE: Life Sciences award is offered to

By the deadline of January 31 this year, several remarkable nominations were received for both categories of the quadrennial JEOL-EM award organized by the EMS. Over the past few weeks the jury for the 2020 JEOL-EM award reviewed all the applications for both categories.

After very careful considerations, the jury decided to offer the Physical/Materials Sciences and Optics award to

 Dr. Sara BALS

from EMAT-University of Antwerp, Belgium, for her outstanding achievements in

the field of 3D electron tomography. By combining state-of-the-art electron microscopy with advanced reconstruction algorithms, Sara Bals has significantly contributed to development and implementation of this method which today enables determination of the positions and chemical nature of atoms in individual nanoparticles. The research of Sara Bals is highly innovative and widely recognized by the EM scientific community.

The Life Sciences award is offered to

 Dr. Emmanuel BEAUREPAIRE  

from the laboratory for optics and biosciences CNRS-INSERM-Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, for his outstanding achievements in  

the fields of developmental biology and neurobiology by development of novel, cutting-edge light microscopy techniques. Notably, he pushed forward methods of deep-tissue imaging, with important application potential for insights into developing small model systems and for brain imaging, using advanced techniques such as multicolor two-photon excitation, third-harmonic generation imaging, adaptive optics, pulse shaping, etc. 

The winners will present their work at the General Assembly, which will be held by visioconference end of August,    

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