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Nanoscale Science and Engineering” international and interdisciplinary graduate degree

Dear EMS members,

It is my pleasure to introduce a new “Nanoscale Science and Engineering” international and interdisciplinary graduate degree.  The scope of this degree will enrich innovation and creativity among its graduates through various world-class teaching and laboratory facilities.

It is focused on an interdisciplinary R&D approach, highlighting the real-world impact Nanoscale sciences demand. Regarding the level at which this degree is offered, it equates to an MSc2-Level degree in the bachelor-master-doctorate system.

I would greatly appreciate if you could distribute this information to your students, who might be interested in such studies within the nanoscale and engineering domain. The ideal candidates are European or International students who have completed four years of higher education in one of the fields pertaining to NanoX: physics, chemistry or material science. The topics covered by this program are: nanocatalysis, quantum technologies, characterization of materials and nanomaterials, computational modeling and machine learning. All of which, having a strong emphasis on practical “hands-on” sessions. Additionally, clean room projects are offered in areas related to:  fabrication of NMOS memory devices with silicon embedded nanocrystals, fabrication and test of a gas sensor based on chemically-prepared nanowires, microfluidic chip fabrication, micro-supercapacitors for electric energy storage.


Virginie Serin
Romuald Poteau & Xavier Marie

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