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  • European Microscopy Outstanding Paper Awards - winners

    EMS is proud to announce the winners of the European Microscopy Outstanding Paper Awards for papers published in 2019 in the following areas:
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  • EMS elections 2020

    The current EMS Executive Board presents the candidates to constitute the next Executive Board, which will be approved and take office for a period of 4 years starting immediately after the General Assembly of EMC2020.

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  • The Company of Biologists and Journal of Cell Science launch FocalPlane, a new microscopy community site

    FocalPlane is a trusted online meeting place to connect people, products, resources and

    information from the microscopy community...

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  • Thank Rod Shipley

    Welcome Kornelia Weidemann

    We wish to thank Rod Shipley for his professionalism and his involvement in the EMS executive board as ECMA representative in the past year. And we welcome Kornelia Weidemann, Senior Director Sales and Service, EMEA Sciences, Materials and Structural Analysis Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific, FEI Deutschland GmbH, on her new function.

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  • We are proud to announce the EM Awards 2020 winners:

    EM Awards 2020 winners

    Dr. Sara BALS: Physical/Materials Sciences and Optics award

    Dr. Emmanuel BEAUREPAIRE: Life Sciences award is offered to

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  • Adventures with atoms and molecules

    In 2000, Professor Christian Colliex demonstrated single-atom electron energy loss spectroscopy for the first time. Rebecca Pool finds out how he pioneered EELS in transmission electron microscopy, and more.

    The excellent article published at MicroscopyandAnalysis; May/June 2020, is available for free download

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  • The Kavli Prize 2020

    The Kavli Prize, awarded every second year, is endowed by a partnership between the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the Kavli Foundation. It acknowledges seminal work of scientists in astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience.

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  • RISK

    EMC 2020

    Dear EMS members,

    The current global pandemic situation caused by the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 (also referred to as COVID-19 or simply the Corona virus) is causing a great amount of uncertainty in general, but to our community in particular.

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  • ECMA

    Welcome to our latest member

    Welcome to the Russian Society of Electron Microscopy (RSEM)

    Who has recently join the EMS.

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