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  • EMS Outstanding paper award

    Deadline for paper submission: January 15th 2017

  • ECMA

    Welcome to our latest members

    The EMC would like to welcome its latest ECMA members: Delong Instruments a.s. (Gold member), Akademiai Kiado (Silver member), XEI Scientific Inc. and Advanced Microscopy Techniques (Bronze members).

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  • German Society for Electron Microscopy

    Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture 2017

    The German Society for Electron Microscopy invites the international community to propose candidates for the Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture. The prize is awarded to one person for her/his outstanding work which is still pursued today.

    The aim of the prize is to celebrate the work of Harald Rose. Therefore the work should cover the field of particle optics, preferentially the realm of electron microscopy. This includes work on image formation and/or energy filtering.

    Due to Rose's commitment to teaching, candidates who have developed new teaching concepts for topics in these fields will also be considered. There is no limitation concerning the scientific field (life science, physics, chemistry, materials science, instrumentation etc.) nor the age of the awardee. In general the work must be published. 

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  • German Society for Electron Microscopy

    International Ernst-Ruska-Prize 2017

    The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie invites to propose candidates for the Ernst-Ruska-Prize. The prize is awarded for work carried out by younger scientists pioneering new capabilities of electron microscopy as a scientific technique through innovative instrumentation or novel methods of basic and general interest.

    Work carried out by pure application of existing techniques will not be considered. The eligible work should not date back more than 7 years. It must be published or it must be accepted for publication at the time of submission of the proposal. 

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  • EMS General Assembly

    EMS General Assembly at EMC2016 in Lyon

    Please join us at the EMS General Assembly to be held at EMC2016 in Lyon, France- Thursday, September 1, 2016, 12.30 till 13.30.

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  • EM Award 2016

    Award winners

    In January of this year, 10 of our finest colleagues were nominated for the prestigious quadrennial European Microscopy Award (EMAward). The jury has now come to a final decision.

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  • Scholarships

    The EMS selected its 2016 winners

    EMS has selected 26 scholarships for early stage career participation at the 16th European Microscopy Congress, EMC2016, in Lyon, France.

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  • EMS Outstanding Paper Award 2015

    Award winners

    The Executive Board of the European Microscopy Society (EMS) has received the decision of the Jury of the EMS Outstanding Paper Award for the year 2015. In total 13 high quality papers were nominated by EMS members. Of these 17 papers, 3 were selected as award winners, one in each category "Instrumentation and Technique Development", "Materials Sciences" and "Life Sciences".

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  • Online Tool

    New version of the EELS and XAS database

    The EELS database website has been completely rewritten, with an improved design, user interface and a number of new tools. The database is freely accessible at and can now be used without registration

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  • ECMA

    Welcome to our latest member

    The EMC would like to welcome its latest ECMA member: iLab Solutions

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